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Apple was the 4th seller of laptops in 2017


Posted: March 27 2018
Updated: March 27, 2018

by benjamin

TrendForce released the latest figures from its analysis of the global laptop market. Far from being in a position of domination, Apple continues to progress, however. The apple brand is now the fourth seller of laptops in front of Asus. The laptop industry is going through a pretty good time. According to the Taiwanese cabinet report, 164.7 million units were shipped for 2017, an increase of 2.1%.

During the second half of 2016, Apple launched its new MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar. These have encountered battery issues. Last June, the apple brand then launched improved versions of these. Thanks to these updates, sales of laptops from the American technology giant have grown by 18%. No other manufacturer did better over the whole year.

Despite this strong growth, Apple remains the fourth largest seller of laptops with 9.6% market share. According to estimates by TrendForce, the apple brand would reach 10.4% market share in 2018.

The leading seller of laptops is still the American manufacturer HP with 24.3% market share. In second place, we find Lenovo with 20.2%. The third rank is occupied by Dell with 15.2%.