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Apple wants to do away with the big volume indicator, hated by everyone


Posted: February 22, 2019
Updated: February 21, 2019

by Steve

Who never railed against the huge volume indicator of the Iphone, of the’iPad and Mac ? Who has never wanted, while watching a video, to lower the volume of their application and find themselves blinded by the display of their phone? The huge speaker icon has bothered many, if not all, users. Today, the apple brand wishes to reassure: the HUD animation is almost over.

iphone hud - Apple wants to do away with the big volume indicator, hated by everyone

Max Weinbach, one of the contributors to the specialized site XDA Developers, announced the good news to the world in a tweet dated February 19. “With iOS 13, the HUD animation disappears! Apple finally correct their software! », He declares, excited. If up to now had to go through the jailbreak to get rid of it, the apple brand finally seems to have understood that this giant speaker was a source of nervousness for owners of Apple products.

Some applications had also already solved the problem, such as Youtube, which replaces the big HUD with a light white bar on the top of the screen. In all cases, iOS 13 should be presented in June, during WWDC 2019 which World is Small had already told you about. The California conference at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose is scheduled for the evening of June 6. We expect the new version of the Apple application system, and why not a little hardware like a new Macbook.