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Apple wants Micro-LED screens in all of its products


Posted: April 11 2019
Updated: April 10, 2019

by Steve

Apple always at the cutting edge of technology. Certainly, the apple brand seems to be lagging behind on the newest fads of the tech giants, like on the foldable screen. But on everything that the Cupertino company already masters, it remains the best possible company. Apple is still working on micro-LED display technologies. A patent recently theUSPTO, which is just the United States Patent Office, points to a high-end display system entirely based on this technology.

apple pantalla micro led luxvue - Apple wants Micro-LED screens in all its products

All Apple products could be affected by such a display: iPhone, iPad, Macbook, Mac… Even a television could adopt it. The micro-LED technology, apart from being a relatively boat expression, offers many advantages: it allows better contrast, a better range of color, it would thin the screens, which would be in fact more reactive and less greedy in resources.

Analyst Ming Chi Kuo, always well informed about Apple news and rumors, had already mentioned this technology. He is indeed convinced that Apple is working on a 31.6-inch (!!) 6K (!) Monitor that would work with mini-LED or micro-LED technology… We will know more by the end of the year, because this screen would be released before December 2019. To see if, once again, the analyst at KGI Securities will have hit the nail on the head.

micro led patent - Apple wants Micro-LED screens in all its products