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Apple vs Samsung: mediation over the patent war

negociation Apple Samsung - Guerre des brevets : Apple réclame 2 milliards de dollars à Samsung


Posted: January 13 2014Updated: February 16, 2014

by Youssouf

The two smartphone giants will meet on February 19 to try to resolve the last legal battle between them amicably.

Apple and of Samsung have agreed to meet with a mediator to try to resolve some of their ongoing disputes regarding patents. The leaders of the two companies have already met last Monday to discuss the possibilities of solving the problem, lawyers for the two sides said in a report filed with the US District Court of Northern California.

Apple Samsung negotiations - Apple vs Samsung: mediation over the patent warThese discussions were in response to a federal judge?s order asking the two companies to enter into negotiations before a new patent infringement trial scheduled to start in March.

This meeting will take place on February 19, 2014 with a person who has ?the experience of highly mediated conflict mediations?Said Apple and Samsung in the report. In addition to the CEOs, three to four lawyers will participate in mediation, but no outside counsel will participate.