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Apple vs Google: iOS remains more secure than Android

iphone chiffrement  - Apple vs Google : iOS reste plus sécurisé qu

iphone chiffrement  - Apple vs Google : iOS reste plus sécurisé qu

The little war going on Apple with its operating system iOS and Google throughAndroid in terms of safety could once again give the Cupertino company a winner, according to professionals. According to a researcher’s report, the Apple OS would be even more secure than its big rival, both for the general public and for businesses.

After the standoff that pitted Apple against the FBI in relation to the iPhone of the San Bernardino shooting, the Californian firm bounces more than ever and asserts itself as a benchmark in terms of security on mobile terminals, according to the work of ‘a computer security researcher. The latter even goes so far as to describe the Apple OS as inviolable (“uncrackable”).

iPhone encryption - Apple vs Google: iOS remains more secure than AndroidThese results are made possible by the way Apple manages the security of its terminals. Indeed, on the iPhone and other mobile devices of the Apple brand, the encryption is provided by a dedicated chip, which has its own set of instructions, and impossible to rape from a distance. So it’s a hardware key, which must be manually forced to decrypt the terminal.

In the case of Android, the situation turns out to be more delicate, since the Google OS does not have a chip managing the encryption of the smartphone or tablet that it animates, this part being directly stored in the terminal software . It is this glowing feature that pulls Android and its security down, since local storage makes it easier to find the decryption key and thus have access to the contents of the phone.

In addition to having a software decryption key and therefore easier to find, Android suffers the consequences of too strong fragmentation. This last characteristic is linked to the rather slow and dispersed cycle of updates. For your information, to date, 37% of Android devices are still extremely vulnerable to attack. In terms of attacks, malware called Godless has already infected more than 850,000 smartphones and tablets in Asia a few days ago…