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Apple Video: streaming service already criticized by an expert


Posted: February 26 2019
Updated: February 26, 2019

by Steve

Apple Did it really do well to enter the world of streaming? Facing the giants Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, the Cupertino company would indeed like to open its own platform. The apple brand, which is holding a conference in March focused on its services, and therefore potentially on Apple Video, the name given to this ” Netflix made in Apple », Should open its platform in the course of 2019.

apple video - Apple Video: the streaming service already criticized by an expert

But the idea seems bad to Andy Hargreaves, analyst at KeyBanc Capital Markets: ” The general effort may have been underestimated, with a delay of several years compared to the main competitors in the field and a convincing lack of diversity. We see few new developments that could generate material profits or attract a large number of additional users to the Apple ecosystem.

In short, the analyst thinks that it would have been more beneficial for Apple to buy one of its competitors, rather than launching alone against Disney, for example, whose platform Disney More promises to be enticing. Especially since the first rumors point to an exclusive service for owners of an iCloud account. According to the latter, Apple Video should appear on March 25. It will have to rely on many partner programs to hope to find its place in this more than competitive universe.