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Apple Video: Series Producers Annoyed By Interference From Apple Executives


Posted: March 5 2019
Updated: October 1, 2019

by Steve

If you are an avid reader of World is Small, you no doubt already know that the apple brand is developing its own streaming service, which should be unveiled in the coming weeks, for release before the end of 2019. In order to compete Netflix, Apple appealed to many Hollywood producers, writers and directors to promote its platform.

Among the production companies involved in its development, the Cupertino company can count on A24 Movies (Heredity) and Oprah Winfrey Network. Except that obviously, some producers, who wished to remain anonymous, are quite annoyed by the constant interference of certain Apple executives in the production of series.

time 100 2016 tim cook - Apple Video: series producers annoyed by interference from Apple executives

Some platform partners believe that Apple executives are ” very involved “, and even ” unwelcome “, Therefore unwanted. They also complain of a “ lack of transparency ” and of ” clarity In the Apple decisions. ” They make big changes, they separate from screenwriters and hire new ones. What they want to do is unclear Said one producer. He would also whisper that Tim Cook does not hesitate to come on the sets of several current shows to change certain controversial scenarios, such as the subject of addiction to technology.

The New York Post, source of these testimonies, underlines the existence of ” notes “From Tim Cook himself, who would ask his producers not to be” so mean ” Apple indeed aims to reduce as much as possible the scenes of sex and violence, in order to attract an extremely large audience. For the formalization of the service, it will be necessary to wait until March 25.