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Apple Video: quality rather than quantity


Posted: March 21, 2019
Updated: March 20, 2019

by Steve

The apple brand streaming service will be announced on Monday, March 25. It was during a keynote event that the great competitor of Netflix, ofAmazon Prime Video and of Hulu will be revealed, even if in view of the dozens of news already revealed, the surprises seem to be gone. In an article from Financial times, other details have been leaked.

apple video - Apple Video: quality rather than quantity

The report put forward by the Financial times indicates the platform will actually be an update to the TV app, available for a few years thanks to Apple. This update will initially be limited to the United States, but will be extended to Europe. The TV application will allow users to subscribe to third-party services other than those of Apple, such as HBO, Viacom, CBS…

Regarding the original content, which should be quite rare at the launch of the platform, Apple aims for quality rather than quantity. Unlike Netflix, which aims to ” expect a mass market with a huge volume of original series ” Apple wants a smaller, but more precise offer. This announcement is in line with the declarations of Tim cook, who would at all costs avoid sex and violence, yet the mark of success of Netflix. We will have to wait until March 25 for confirmation of all these elements.