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Apple Video: free content offered and Oscar hunters hired


Posted: March 18 2019
Updated: March 17, 2019

by Steve

The streaming serviceApple, nicknamed Apple Video, never seemed as close as it does today. The apple brand has indeed announced that a conference focused on its services will take place on March 25, that is to say in a week. It is during this exceptional keynote that the Cupertino company will unveil Apple Video, but also Apple News Magazine. The “Apple Netflix” should offer programs, series and films in partnership with production companies like A24 Movies and Oprah Winfrey Network.

Oscar Oscar hunters - Apple Video: free content offered and Oscar hunters hired

Apple has already invested almost a billion dollars in its platform, in which it believes. And it will not be easy to win against Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video, already installed. According to information from Bloomberg and CNBC, the apple brand plans to conquer its audience by offering certain free content to all device users iOS or macOS. The entire catalog will not be affected, as you will need to pay a subscription to access all of Apple’s films, series and documentaries. As for content from third-party providers, other subscriptions may well be required.

Other information confirmed by Bloomberg, Apple’s desire to surround itself with the greatest specialists to obtain prices and other rewards. Like Netflix, which picked up three Oscars for the film Roma by Alfonso Cuaron this year. The apple brand is counting on its platform to also invest in the world of cinema, and thus recover Oscars, BAFTA and other Césars. Well, Caesar, maybe not, since it is a Franco-French award, but why not.