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Apple Video: an estimated cost of $ 15 per month, and difficulties to predict


Posted: February 20, 2019
Updated: February 19, 2019

by Steve

Apple Video should cost $ 15 a month. Or slightly more than the monthly subscription of Netflix. For now, this price has not yet been confirmed, but the Cupertino company should present its service on March 25, the day on which the apple brand will hold its famous keynote, which should be focused on the services of the Cupertino firm.

This estimate of 15 dollars was mentioned by the analyst Tim O’Shea, specializing in digital news. A price that would allow Apple to reach its breakeven point from the launch of Apple Video. For the analyst, two major problems arise.

apple netflix - Apple Video: an estimated cost of $ 15 per month, and difficulties to predict

The first is the lack of original content. Faced with Netflix, Hulu or Amazon, difficult for Apple to offer a better offer from its launch. However, the apple brand is currently developing no less than 30 exclusive programs, including programs and works in partnership with production companies A24 Movies (Heredity) and Oprah Winfrey Network. The second is the difficulty for Apple to sign exclusive contracts with third party partners. Especially since the Californian company would like a big commission on sales and visionaries.

Apple spends a fraction of what Netflix spends on original series and movies, which means that at least at first it will likely be much more dependent than the giant on streaming video from third-party content. However, the company’s plans to take 30% of revenue may not appeal to many Hollywood studios and networks. “Said the analyst to Business Insider. Apple will have to fight to establish itself among streaming enthusiasts.