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Apple Video: almost no exclusive content for its launch


Posted: March 13 2019
Updated: March 13, 2019

by Steve

At least that’s what the well-informed website suggests Bloomberg, specialized in tech news. The streaming serviceApple should therefore not offer many exclusive content immediately. The reason ? They are not yet finalized. They are however numerous, since about thirty productions would be in preparation or in the course of turning.

To make up for this lack of exclusive content, which will give a very pale appearance to Apple Video against the tenors of the genre Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu, the apple brand intends to multiply partnerships with third-party production companies. For example, Bloomberg claims that Apple is negotiating the same with HBO (Game of Thrones, Westworld, The Watchmen…), But also Showtime (Homeland, Californication, Dexter) and Starz (Outlander, Power).

apple video logo - Apple Video: almost no exclusive content for its launch

Something to worry about the biggest fans of Apple. Without exclusive content at its release, the Cupertino company will have to bet big to attract users: with one to three months free, for example, by offering a very low price (less than 10 €), or by giving the possibility of an offer for the purchase of an iPhone, or for a subscription to Apple News Magazine, for example.

If there is no doubt about the ability of Apple to stand out in the long term, we will have to work hard to ensure a quality launch. Recall that Apple will present its services on March 25 at a Keynote event.