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Apple validates an application allowing tethering

Apple validates an application allowing tethering

The recently valid iTether application by Apple allows you to establish a tethering connection (understand: connection sharing) between a computer and an iPhone.

iTether is the kind of application not appreciated by Apple and yet, Apple however authorized its availability this Monday on the App Store. To work iTether requires a companion software (which must be installed beforehand on a PC or Mac) and a USB cable which will allow the connection between the two devices. As soon as the “ingredients” come together, all you have to do is start a connection sharing and if the network allows it, you will be able to connect via 3G from your computer using your iPhone.

iTether is not cheap: the application is offered at a price of 11.99 on the App Store.

An application that could interest Mobistar customers who cannot yet benefit from tethering so far!

Finally, it remains to be seen whether Apple has not committed an error in validating this application which could therefore possibly disappear shortly?

We discuss it on the forum.

ITether publisher site (he no longer responds at the moment)

Thank you Etienne for the info!

Update: Apple has removed the app from the App Store.