Apple upgrades Macbook Pro to Vega

Apple upgrades Macbook Pro to Vega

The new Pro Vega 16 and Pro Vega 20 graphics cards are now available. They would improve the performance of MacBook Pro.Image 1: Apple upgrades its Macbook Pro to Vega

The two graphics cards are available on the company’s online store for the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. They are only available in the high-end configuration of the machine. The computer already costs 2800 euros, the customer will also pay a surplus of 250 euros (Pro Vega 16) or 350 euros (Pro Vega 20).

Pro Vega card, better performance

Apple says new cards would make it easier to handle GPU-intensive tasks like video editing and 3D rendering. AMD, for its part, claims that its second generation broadband memory technology is superior to the GDDR5 standard. The manufacturer also highlights greater energy efficiency. And above all, these two cards have been specially configured for MacBook Pro.

Other more powerful versions like the Vega Pro 56 and the Vega Pro 64 exist on the market. They cost 600 euros and equip the new iMac Pro.

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