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Apple updates its catalog and offers the Macbook Pro with Touch Bar for € 1,499


Posted: July 10 2019
Updated: July 10, 2019

by Steve

Apple love surprises. A few months ago, the apple brand decided to update the website market without warning anyone. This resulted in new Mac Retina 5K display, among other products all more attractive than the others. Obviously, the Californian firm wanted to repeat the operation, this time by proposing a price drop that could make the greatest number act!

The apple brand has therefore updated its catalog. After releasing his new Macbook Air Retina and his MacBook Pro 13 inches, Apple has decided to remove the 12-inch Macbook from its range, but also its old MacBook Air. One way to simplify everyone’s choices. The old MacBook Air, although inexpensive compared to other Apple products, was clearly outdated. As for the 12-inch MacBook, it was not very sold.

However, the real novelty comes from the price update of the MacBook Pro. While it cost almost 2,500 euros a few months ago, the 13-inch MacBook now ships with the Touch Bar and Touch ID from 1,499 euros! The three models available range from 1499 euros to 1999 euros, the price varying according to the size of the SSD or the speed of the processor.