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Apple unveils new colors for iPhone cases!

Apple does not stop! News AirPods, new iMac, new iPad… The announcements burst out and follow one another just a few days before the keynote event of the apple brand, which will be centered on its services and which will take place next Monday, March 25. Today, these are new ranges of colors for the iPhone cases which appear on theApple Store online.

iPhone case - Apple unveils new colors for iPhone cases!

Thus, iPhone XS and XS Max owners will be able to take advantage of three colors for their protective silicone shells. The first offers a beautiful papaya color. The second is called spearmint and the third is Delft blue. Each will cost the sum of 45 €. Yes, it is expensive, as often with the apple brand.

Leather is also in the spotlight, with also three new colors that smell good in the spring season. The colors are blueberry, sunset and lilac. The “folio” versions also take advantage of these colors. You will have to pay 55 € for the basic version, and 119 € for the folio version. As for Smart Battery Cases, Apple has also unveiled its new “sand pink” shade. His price ? € 149. Very beautiful colors to celebrate the beginning of spring! On the accessories side, the Cupertino company undoubtedly went around just a few days before its keynote event. What do you hope to see as the next shell colors?

iphone color - Apple unveils new colors for iPhone cases!