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Apple unveils its future iOS 6!

Apple unveils its future iOS 6!


365 million iDevices worldwide, it’s with these words that Scott Forstall, Apple’s vice president of iOS development, introduced the sixth generation of iOS, which contains no less than 200 new features. Some of them (the most important) were briefly reviewed at this press conference. our turn to present them to you:

– Siri's development continues.

Apple’s voice assistant continues to be talked about. And for good reason, Siri will now delight fans of sports events in particular! Indeed, the assistant will be able to be able to inform what are the sports results, by team or by player. Another new feature, following a partnership with Yelp and OpenTable, the voice assistant will be able to provide information on restaurants. Better yet, Siri will allow you to book a table directly from the results given. Another new feature is the possibility of discovering the precise program of cinemas and of discovering extracts from the films played there, thanks to a partnership with the American site Rotten Tomatoes. While some of this functionality will only be available in certain countries, Scott Forstall said, however, that "local searches" will be available to countries around the world!

In addition, Apple intends to increase the use of its voice assistant, which it believes has its place when used in a car. With the new “Eyes free” feature, an iPhone user will be able to use Siri while the screen on their device remains tinted.

Finally, Scott Forstall said that Siri is now in the third generation of the iPad thanks to the iOS 6. All the features will be present. Except those concerning the telephone…

– Facebook integration.

Like many times on Belgium-iPhone, relations between Apple and Facebook have finally gotten closer! In evidence, the announcement by Scott Forstall who indicated that the new version of iOS 6 would integrate the social network with 950 million users! Facebook will be integrated in the same way as Twitter. know that it will be enough to log in only once via the iOS settings to be able to share photos, places, URLs. Like Twitter, Facebook will also be integrated into the iOS notification center. A feature that will make interactions with the social network much more comfortable than before. Apple has already warned that developers will have an API allowing these new interactions with the social network. Another new feature is that Facebook events and birthdays for your contacts can be synchronized with your iDevices calendar! And finally, Scott Forstall said that he would now "Liker" an application from the App Store … love story starts between Apple and Facebook!

– Improvement of telephony.

After 5 years of stagnation, Scott Forstall has announced the arrival of new features for the telephony part integrated into the iOS reserved for the iPhone. From now on, the user will be able to take advantage of three response modes: 1. Normal response. 2. Respond to messaging or call back later. 3. Do not disturb. Another very interesting new feature: the possibility of configuring time slots where one is available to answer … Otherwise, your correspondents will be redirected to your mailbox!

– Improvement of FaceTime.

Announced previously for the past year, the ability to use FaceTime on a mobile network is finally coming with iOS 6! Finally, it will be possible to answer a FaceTime call on all iDevices (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad). Apple has done this by unifying the Apple number with the Apple ID. No more confusion …

– Safari Mobile synchronized with all of your iDevices.

Thanks to its integration in iCloud, Safari Mobile will allow you to find the same tabs of open pages, as well as the reading recorded in offline mode, on all of your iDevices. Another new feature is the integration of the iOS photo library, which will allow you to switch more comfortably between the two applications. And info, a new service will allow owners of mobile sites to display if a dedicated iOS application is available for download from the App Store.

– Photo Stream.

Apple wants to be more and more social! Indeed, with iOS 6, it will be possible to share one or more photos online with one or more contacts.

– Improvements for the Mail application.

As rumored last week, the Mail app is taking up new features built into OS X Mountain Lion. namely, the integration of VIP’s functionality that allows you to highlight emails you receive from a predefined person or group of people. And finally, the do not disturb feature which, once activated, will allow you to free yourself from notifications that could disturb you at an inopportune moment. A feature which is already planned to arrive via a diverted channel. Another new feature is the “Pull and refresh” functionality, which will make it easier to check for new emails!

– Passbook.

This is a new application natively integrated into iOS that will store your passwords, boarding passes, movie tickets, loyalty card and more. Interacting with the GPS built into the iPhone, this new application will offer you store loyalty cards just by passing by. All of your recognized loyalty cards will be displayed in the notification center. A kind of revolutionary loyalty card manager, in short!

– Guided Access.

Apple wants to make its devices accessible to everyone! And to get there, the American group announces the arrival of the new functionality “Guided Access” (guided access) which, as its name suggests, will allow disabled people to be able to access certain pre-selected applications to appear only on the screen. device home.

– Plans.

This is one of the big news in iOS 6! As rumored in recent weeks, Apple is abandoning the Google Maps service in favor of a "home-made" system. Map data now comes from OpenStreetMap (OSM).

An OpenSource mapping service which will include some technologies used by Apple including that of Yelp which will allow access to certain information from different points of interest and a brand new 3D display mode which will allow viewing in this new way the biggest cities of the world.

In addition, the Maps application will also benefit from a “turn by turn directions” navigation mode like a real GPS application! see if, later, the application will save certain parts of a map. Finally, the Maps application will also integrate the Siri voice assistant to perform a location or route search with the simple sound of your voice!

The final version of iOS 6 will be available to the general public around October, when Apple should also be able to release the new generation of its iPhone! In the meantime, the first beta version of iOS 6 is already available for download from developer space. Remember that you have to be registered as a developer at Apple in order to download and run this first beta version of iOS 6 on your device. Belgium-iPhone strongly recommends installing this beta version if you do not meet these conditions.

What do you think of the new features brought by iOS 6?

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Photo credits: Vincent Castus | @Pinchproject