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Apple unveils 59 new emojis planned for iOS 13


Posted: July 17, 2019
Updated: July 17, 2019

by Steve

Definitely, the apple brand does not stop! WhileiOS 13 includes many new features, such as the long-awaited dark mode, Apple has just unveiled the all new emojis that will be available with the new version of the operating system. We will find all these emojis on iPhone and iPod Touch, but also on iPad with iPadOS 13 and Mac with macOS Catalina. The apple brand reveals them since it is World Emoji Day.

There is something for absolutely everyone. New characters, new animals, new objects, new clothes… Everything is available. Regarding the characters, the Californian firm indicates that there are no less than 75 different combinations if we take into account skin color, gender, etc.

Among the innovations, disability. We can find among the smileys people in wheelchairs, people accompanied by a guide dog, an ear with a hearing aid, a prosthetic legs … We can also have on hand a sloth, an orangutan , a yawning smiley, a kite, a ball of butter, an onion, a parachute person, a yoyo, a one-piece swimsuit and a waffle. In short, there’s something for everyone.