Apple unveils 2 new ads for the iPad Pro

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Posted: March 7 2017
Updated: March 7, 2017

by benjamin

Last Friday, Apple continued its advertising campaign oniPad Pro by sharing 2 new videos based on Twitter. The new spots once again showcase the Apple Pencil and the recording functions of the Apple brand tablets.

Apple logo black white - Apple unveils 2 new advertisements for the iPad Pro

The first video is about the note-taking capabilities of the iPad Pro, explaining that students can take better notes with Apple’s pencil, and even use the device’s audio recording features during a class or lesson. conference. We can see in the video a student complaining about not being able to take notes correctly during the math class because of her fatigue.

The second video discusses the problem of congestion that can be on a desk because of the presence of different devices. The ad reminds us that the iPad Pro can replace several office accessories such as the scanner, the ream of paper and even the laptop. It depicts an office worker complaining about an overloaded workspace. Like the previous videos of the advertising campaign, real tweets were taken. The authors of the publications were then interpreted by actors.