Apple TV+

Apple TV + has 33 million users in the United States

According to the latest Wall Street Journal estimates, Apple TV + has already reached 33.6 million subscribers in the United States.

Apple TV +

Given the last quarter of 2019, Apple would have already gained a considerable number of subscribers, so much so that it would have exceeded the assets of Hulu and Disney +. Obviously, the figure of 33.6 million subscribers also takes into account the many users who have activated the free 12 months of Apple TV + planned for those who buy a new Apple product.

The report doesn't say how many users actually pay the $ 4.99 a month, or how many have activated the free version. In any case, the WSJ speaks of great success for the platform. A large percentage of current users will surely confirm the subscription even after the 12 months free. By the end of the year, however, experts predict that Disney + could outperform Apple in subscribers.