Apple TV: an ambition revised downward?

Apple TV: an ambition revised downward?

apple tv itv iconAccording to rumors, Apple had very ambitious plans for its Apple TV, but the company's executives had to reduce their requirements, in the face of the difficult negotiations, according to the US press.

While Apple was hoping to revolutionize the world of TV boxes, by directly signing agreements with the channels, to enjoy exclusive content, the firm may have to settle for an agreement with cable operators.

So, Apple would have access to the same content as some competitors, with very precise limits on the time of availability of episodes of series for example.

To stand out, Apple's only chance will be to crush the competition in design and user interface.

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Apple is largely capable, but we can not help but regret that Apple seems to have to settle for the minimum.

Obviously, the situation will be different according to each countrysince Apple will have to conduct new negotiations each time.