Apple: towards a generalization of product + service bundles?

tim cook apple - Apple essaye de pratiquer les “prix les plus bas possibles”, dit Tim Cook


Posted: October 31, 2019Updated: November 20, 2019

by Steve

With the release ofApple TV + tomorrow november 1, the apple brand feels like it is growing. It must be said that to sell and retain its customers for its video streaming service, the Californian firm will have to work twice as hard against its competitors Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. So that Apple TV + will be offered for one year to all new buyers of iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV. And the manufacturer seems to want to not exclude such offers.

tim cook apple - Apple: towards a generalization of product + service bundles?

“We look at each service and decide what is best for it. With Apple TV +, we concluded that a great way to attract potential customers would be to offer [un abonnement gratuit pendant un an]. We don’t do that for other services. It is therefore not part of a larger model. I would not want to rule out other opportunities later in the future, “said Tim Cook shortly after the release of Q4 2019 financial results.

So you would expect to see bundles with Apple Music, or Apple Arcade. A good way to attract the barge… In the meantime, you will have to be satisfied with the one with Apple TV +. The service is available from tomorrow, in 100 countries, at 4.99 euros per month.