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Apple: towards a foldable iPhone with heated screen?

The Galaxy Fold of Samsung and the Mate X of Huawei were announced brilliantly. And despite their high prices, their concepts and characteristics fascinate. If it is still a little early to affirm that Apple, giant with the apple, will also launch out in the race of the foldable smartphone, certain patents deposited by the Cupertino firm remain of good omen for the biggest fans of technology.

patent foldable iphone - Apple: towards a foldable iPhone with heated screen?

Recently published, a patent indeed lends to Apple the existence of work concerning a possible foldable smartphone. Entitled Electronic devices with flexible screens, the text explains that foldable screens are more sensitive than all the others. And to avoid technical problems for them, Apple discusses heating methods. Heat could indeed be generated, by illuminating the pixels located towards the fold zone as much as possible.

According to the patent, this possible foldable iPhone could also benefit from additional security, with a magnetic locking mechanism: once in a position, the iPhone would be blocked and could not be closed or opened. All that still seems very vague, but the fact is that Apple is thinking about such devices. If ever a foldable iPhone came out, we sincerely hope that it will not exceed the 2000 euros on average of the Galaxy Fold and the Mate X…

patent foldable iphone 2 - Apple: towards a foldable iPhone with heated screen?