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Apple: towards a boycott of the iPhone by the Chinese?


Posted: 23 May 2019
Updated: May 23, 2019

by Lucie

President Donald Trump has banned American companies from using Chinese components in the manufacture of their telecommunications products. Directly targeted by this decree, the Chinese call for a boycott Apple, in a context of trade crisis between the United States and China.

National security: this is the argument put forward by Donald Trump to prevent American companies from procuring external telecommunications products. 70 establishments mandarins of which Huawei are targeted by this decree which wants to respond to “malicious acts favored by the Internet, including economic and industrial espionage to the detriment of the United States and its population” according to the American president. An announcement in China that sparked a massive boycott ofApple, standard of the country of Uncle Sam. Internet users encourage Chinese consumers to buy local products.

It’s the drop of water that makes the vase overflow. Following the declaration, in a tweet from the White House, of the significant increase in customs tariffs (10% then 35%) on Chinese imports, tensions are constantly increasing between Washington and Beijing. In December 2018, the Chinese were already encouraging consumers to abandon Apple in favor of Huawei whose CFO was arrested in North America.