Apple to work with Philips to develop TV

Apple to work with Philips to develop TV

Apple would have chosen the Dutch company Philips to develop Facetime on its connected television.

Rumors and speculations are becoming more and more insistent around the release of a “hyper connect” television and stamps the brand apple for next year. Information which comes to be reinforced when our writing got wind today that the Cupertino company would have chosen as partner the Dutch company Philips to develop Facetime on its next flagship product.

As a reminder, analyst Trip Chowdhry of Global Equities Research recently said that Apple would be well into the connected TV market. It was by participating in conferences bringing together developers in this field that Mr. Chowdhry deduced that the Cupertino company would join the television manufacturers sector next year.

More recently, we learned from Steve Jobs’s biography that the former Apple strongman who died on October 5 has been working on the launch of a connected television. He wanted to do for TV the same thing he did for computers, music players and phones: make it simple and elegant said Walter Isaacson, the author of this biography. I would like to create an integrated TV that is very easy to use. It would be synchronized with other services and iCloud. It would have the simplest interface you can imagine. I finally found said Steve Jobs in his interview.

With the drafting of Belgium-iPhone, we think that Apple could present the beginnings of its new product – and its SDK (development kit) which will accompany it – during WWDC next June. The date of introduction of the new product could be in the fourth quarter of next year.

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