Apple to test contactless payment

Apple to test contactless payment

Apple is about to test payment by mobile phone in its Apple Stores. An adapter to make compatible iPhone with NFC contactless technology is provided.

While Apple does not yet offer an iPhone with an NFC (Near Field Communication) chip, it is addressing the issue of payments from mobile terminals, especially in its Apple Stores. according to The echoes, the Cupertino company is going to test this wireless technology in some of its stores in France. Pilot projects will also take place in Spain, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Canada, China and Australia. The United States is not yet affected.

Apple therefore has the wish to test the interest in NFC technology and above all, to verify its proper functioning when it comes to carrying out transactions in Apple Stores. To achieve this, Apple therefore equipped itself with an ISMP payment terminal designed by Ingenico. This adapter which is slid on the back of the iPhone is capable of reading NFC chips, barcodes and also magnetic strips. The device can therefore transform an iPhone into a secure electronic purse.

As competition begins to focus on this wireless technology, Apple cannot afford to be left behind in this area. And for good reason, the exploitation of this technology in mobiles is expected very soon. Google, which already integrates the NFC chip into its Nexus S, plans to carry out major projects around the NFC, notably through experiments in the United States this summer. While RIM and HP have announced their intention to equip their smartphones and tablets.

The market around NFC is not neglected when we learn that, according to research firm Juniper Research, the amount of transactions made with this technology is estimated at 50 billion dollars. Manufacturers certainly do not intend to let this market pass under their noses.

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