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Apple to start producing iPhone in India


Posted: July 15 2019
Updated: July 15, 2019

by Steve

While trade tensions between United States and the China are exacerbated, the apple brand recently announced its relocation of its production ofiPhone. Until now, logically, the smartphones of the American firm were assembled in China. But as of August, Apple will set up its production in India. In a few years, the country could even become the main production center for iPhones sold in the world.

The reason ? Apple can avoid the political and commercial problems between China and the United States, first of all. But above all, the labor is at an extremely low price. In other words, Apple can save money … which can cause controversy, given the indecent price of the iPhone. For now, the first iPhone XS and XR manufactured in India will only be intended for the local market. This may translate into a cheaper price, to attract more Indians, who are usually reluctant to buy an iPhone.

These models will be manufactured by Foxconn, which opened its first factory in India several months ago. Only the iPhone X and the old iPhone SE, iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 are produced there, for the moment. But very soon, these smartphones made in India will be sold in France.