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Apple to sell low cost iPhone?

Apple to sell low cost iPhone?

According to the site Boy Genius Report, a low-cost iPhone is expected to be released by Apple later this summer.

Let the high price detractors of the iPhone begin to rejoice. Indeed, according to Boy Genius Report, a low-cost iPhone is slated to be released in late summer. The device, which could be an iPhone 3GS (?), Will be sold for less than $ 350 (~ 250) and without subscription.

Apple wants to tackle the Android smartphone market.

More and more people are using an Android smartphone thanks to the fact that this type of device is sold less and less. Indeed, nowadays, it is now possible to get such a device for less than 200. By offering a low-cost iPhone, the Cupertino company would try to seduce a wide range of people who were not inclined , so far, spend hundreds of dollars to get the latest model.

The new iPhone will be out in September.

According to the same source described as “solid” by BGR, a new iPhone is beautiful and well planned on the calendar for September. The new machine will take the forms of the iPhone 4 but with advanced features such as a more powerful camera, an A5 processor (it would therefore be more of an iPhone 4S than an iPhone 5) and should land in particular, in addition, on the American networks Sprint and T-Mobile.

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(Via Boy Genius Report )