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Apple to provide more transparent reports on its operations in Ireland

In recent weeks, Apple has changed the way it works in Ireland by launching a series of more transparent procedures for managing and sharing its budgets in the country.

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The European Union has ordered Apple to pay 13 billion euros in unpaid taxes. Apple has been accused of receiving preferential treatment from the Irish government. This agreement between them allowed Cupertino to pay an effective corporate tax rate of 1% on European profits in 2003, and up to 0.005% in 2014. Consequently, in 2014, Apple paid a tax of 0.005% on profits made in the European Union.

Apple has always defended itself by claiming that the European Commission ignores Irish tax laws and disrupts the international tax system. The Commission's argument is not based on the number of taxes paid by Apple, but on the government that should collect the money. The move will have a profound and detrimental effect on investment and job creation in Europe. Apple abides by the laws and pays all taxes wherever we operate. We will appeal and we are sure the decision will be overturned .

Apple was required to pay the money into a security deposit pending the call.

At the same time, Apple has activated a series of procedures to make its operations in Ireland more transparent. This means that the company must present complete and detailed annual reports on sales, taxes and profits, as well as the money available in the "cash register". Clearly, a more transparent budget.

However, we do not know whether these initiatives were taken at the request of the European Union or the initiative of Apple itself.