Apple to Produce Mac Pro in US Using Customs Exemptions

Apple to Produce Mac Pro in US Using Customs Exemptions

Apple announced on Monday that the next generation of its high-end Mac Pro computer will continue to be manufactured in the United States after it obtained tariff exemptions on several components from the US government on Friday.

"As part of its commitment to economic growth in the United States, Apple confirmed today that the new version of its Mac Pro will be manufactured in Austin, Texas," Apple said in a statement on its site.

According to the firm Apple, the manufacturing of the new Mac Pro was "made possible after a federal exemption on products that Apple received for certain fundamental components."

The services of the office of the American representative to the Commerce (USTR) granted Friday to the Californian glove an exemption on 10 components of computers imported from China, hitherto screwed by a surcharge of 25%.

"The value of the components of the new Mac Pro manufactured in the United States will be 2.5 times greater than that of the previous generation," said Apple, who said that 12 American companies will participate in the development, development and production of the computer for marketing in the United States.

The Mac Pro, sold from $ 6,000, has been manufactured since 2013 in the same factory, located in the capital of Texas.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said he was "proud" to continue producing this product on American soil, thanking "the administration for their support."

The Wall Street Journal said in late June that Apple had decided to transfer production of the new Mac Pro to China.

A few weeks later, American President Donald Trump had assured that the company would not benefit from preferential treatment on customs tariffs, urging the gantamican to produce in the United States if he did not want to suffer from the trade war with China .

“Make them in the United States, no prices!”, Had then tweeted the tenant of the White House.

Beijing and Washington have been engaged in a trade showdown for more than a year, imposing tariffs on each other.