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Apple to produce its own 5G modems


Posted: April 4 2019
Updated: April 4, 2019

by Steve

Exit Qualcomm, exit Mediatek and Samsung. Apple decided to play it alone on this one. World is Small announced to you a few days ago, the apple brand was struggling to find a supplier of 5G modems for its next iPhone (iPhone 12, which should be released in 2020, since the Cupertino company should not have 5G).

intel modem iphone 5g - Apple will produce its own 5G modems

Fast Company has also confirmed that Apple and Intel had serious difficulties in meeting the production deadlines for the XMM 8160 5G modem. For their part, Samsung would not have enough factories to produce enough modem between its own phones, Galaxy S10, and Apple iPhones. And Qualcomm, with whom the apple brand has been mired for several months in legal cases (patent infringements, theft of technology, etc.), is obviously impossible to contact to produce the modems.

Thus, Apple would have decided to build its modem by itself. A team of 100 engineers would be on the case, so as not to depend on Intel. However, this decision could thus impact production times: with only 100 engineers, the Cupertino company could well fall behind on the market for 5G smartphones, which is expected as early as next year.