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Apple to prepare physical bank card with Goldman Sachs


Posted: February 22, 2019
Updated: February 22, 2019

by Steve

Apple would be working on his own bank card. After Apple Pay, Apple Video, and Apple News Magazine, the apple brand is definitely seeking to establish its domination in all societal areas. According to Wall street journal, the Cupertino firm would work hand in hand with the investment bank Goldman sachs to offer a physical bank card, which would be available at the end of the year.

apple bank card - Apple would prepare a physical bank card with Goldman Sachs

A win-win proposition: for Apple, the creation of such a product would allow it to diversify its products, while ensuring compatibility with its other services. According to Goldman Sachs, the bank would reach a much wider, even much younger, audience. That said, this partnership would have a knock: $ 200 million to strengthen the bank’s customer service and create an internal payment system.

This bank card should obviously be compatible with the Apple Pay and Wallet services, which until now made it possible to virtually store cards on phones, to pay with it. The mobile interface of this bank card would be similar to that of the Health application, and would indicate a whole set of statistics to better manage its accounts. Finally, a cashback system would be available: for any purchase from a partner merchant, 2% of the amount would be deducted and credited back to your accounts. Not bad !