Apple to prepare MacBook 5G for 2020

Apple to prepare MacBook 5G for 2020

According to the DigiTimes site, Apple was working on a MacBook compatible with 5G. It is expected to be released in the second half of 2020.

If we are talking mainly about smartphones concerning 5G, they will not be the only devices able to take advantage of this new connectivity. The image of Dell, HP and Lenovo who have already presented their first 5G computer or are about to do so, Apple would also work on the subject.

The world's three largest laptop manufacturers, Lenovo, HP and Dell, are expected to launch their first 5G models in the second half of 2019, and Apple is also expected to release its MacBook 5G in the second half of 2020, sources said. of the sector , indicates the site tawanais DigiTimes.

It would seem according to sources of DigiTimes that Apple has finalized the design of its new 5G computer. Despite its delay, Apple would distinguish itself from its competitors thanks to a 5G transceiver which would ensure it efficiency and higher high speed transmission rates.

Better performance that would come from Apple's choice regarding the materials used. Indeed, the Californian firm would have opted for a ceramic antenna card. If it is 6 times more expensive than a conventional metal antenna card, it offers twice the transmission and reception efficiency. We can therefore imagine that the first MacBook 5G will cost relatively more than the current models.

Obviously, it is still today the sound of a corridor. DigiTimes does not give convincing elements concerning this MacBook 5G. Yet Apple had already considered the possibility of developing a cellular connectivity computer. The development of 5G would be an ideal opportunity for Apple to relaunch this project.