macbook - Apple préparerait un Mac gaming pour 2020

Apple to prepare Mac gaming for 2020

Mac Published: December 31, 2019Updated: December 31, 2019by Steve

When we talk about video games, we often think of Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo and at PC, which is based in particular on the Steam online store. But we think much less of Mac and Macbook Apple brand, which supports Steam and can even run dual boot, that is to say welcome Windows in addition to macOS. In question ? The components of these machines, more intended for office automation and professional tasks such as graphics than video games.

macbook - Apple would prepare a Mac gaming for 2020

But Apple would like to change the deal, according to a patent unearthed by the site Patently Apple. Like its rush for video streaming with Apple TV +, the Cupertino company would like to invest in a Mac gaming, specially designed for e-sports. According to the sources of the site, which are to be taken with tweezers, Apple would provide a Mac in 2020 at a price of 4500 euros, just for players. It's expensive, even for a gaming computer.

The machine could be unveiled during WWDC 2020. Its development would only be in its infancy, since Apple teams would hesitate between a portable format and a Mac tower. Recall that Apple is investing more and more in video games with Apple Arcade in particular and support for PS4 and Xbox One controllers on iOS 13 and iPad OS.