Apple to launch two iPhone models

Apple to launch two iPhone models

Apple would introduce two new iPhones in September, including a “mid-range” model, says an analyst.

Rumors are racing around the release of the next iPhone. According to Deutsche Bank analyst Chris Whitmore, the Cupertino company is preparing to launch not just one new iPhone but two new models of its flagship product. If Apple was going to launch the fifth generation of its product, a new iPhone of category “mid-range” would also be introduced “to face the competition”, estimates our preacher who already fixes a price to him around 350 $.

“Due to the difficulties currently encountered by RIM and Nokia, the time has come for Apple to aggressively enter the mid-range smartphone market”says the analyst.

Indeed, many people are still reluctant to get the iPhone now given its price, which is often considered too high. If the Cupertino company could offer a cheaper iPhone, it would make it easier for Apple to reach people who would rather be eyeing more accessible smartphones, as new models on the Android platform increasingly offer.

Rumors have been circulating for years that Apple could launch such a device. The 2011 vintage would it finally be good for Apple to embark on such an adventure?

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(Source: Business Insider )