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Apple to launch new "thinner" MacBook Pros in April

Apple to launch new "thinner" MacBook Pros in April

Apple plans to launch a new generation of MacBook Pro computers whose thickness will be reduced, reports the site How To Arena.

MacBook Pro DR concept

The rumors of recent months agree to focus on the arrival of a new version of the MacBook Air which would have the distinction of including a new notch 15 ″. An interesting new specification that could therefore overshadow its big brother, the MacBook Pro with the same screen size. However, if the site is to be believed How To Arena, it would be MacBook Pro that would evolve to be “lighter”. According to an Asian source, this site claims that the new range of MacBook Pro – which is about to be released in April – should incorporate a chassis less thick but not as thin as the current MacBook Air. Finally, the new MacBook Pro range should integrate Ivy Bridge i5 and i7 type processors.

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(Source: How To Arena )