Apple to Introduce New Products

Apple to Introduce New Products

We are almost there ! It is this Monday, 7:00 p.m. (Belgian time) that Apple boss Steve Jobs will make his second public appearance since the start of his sick leave in January to present in particular iCloud, a new online storage service that could including serving as a music library.

Breaking from its habit of surrounding its announcements with an aura of mystery, the Cupertino company revealed in advance what Steve Jobs was going to present at the International Conference of Computer Programmers (WWDC) in San Francisco.

"Apple will unveil its new generation of software, Lion, the eighth edition of the Mac OS X operating system, as well as iOS 5, the latest version of the operating system for mobile devices" such as the iPad tablet or iPhone phone, said the group in a press release. But Apple will mainly exhibit iCloud, which it only presents as a range of globalized services.

"There is only one small line in the press release about iCloud," said Michael Gartenberg, an analyst with research firm Garter. "But it’s the most interesting because we don’t know anything about it."

According to various sources, iCloud would allow streaming (streaming) of music stored on its servers, according to the principle of decentralized computing. This would prevent Internet users from having to synchronize their tablets or portable music players with a computer's hard drive.

The New york times reported on Friday that Apple had almost finished his discussions with the main music distributors and had obtained agreements with the four main record labels. The Los Angeles Times understands from his side that iCloud will initially be offered free of charge to users of iTunes, Apple's online store, and that they will be asked thereafter to subscribe for a subscription of approximately 25 dollars per year .

The online distributor Amazon already launched its “Cloud Drive” and “Cloud Player” services at the end of March, which allow subscribers to store their music and video collections on Amazon's servers, from where it is accessible on a computer or on devices running Google’s Android system.

Google itself has launched itself into the niche with its “Google Music” service, which allows internet users to manage their music collection online, to play it on computer, phone or tablet. But Google Music doesn't offer to buy songs, and Amazon services require that you download each song, which takes time, before you can listen to them.

Gartenberg expects Apple's service to "provide added value to the consumer, differentiate itself from what has been done before and find a way to take the speed market". “What will provide that little bit more magic from Apple that will get consumers to use it?” He wonders, recalling that Apple was not the first on the MP3 player market. and smartphones, but still conquered these markets. This specialist also thinks that iCloud won't necessarily be music. "It could synchronize all my files, it could include video, my professional files", speculates Mr. Gartenberg, saying he is convinced that "what we will see will be more than a new digital cabinet, a new storage space" .

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