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Apple to integrate "Wi-Fi Direct" in mid-2010

Apple, as well as other companies (Microsoft, Intel, Sony, Cisco, etc.), have approved a new wireless peer-to-peer sharing system nom “Wi-Fi Direct”.

This new standard will be introduced in new productsaround mid-2010 and allow communicating devices like the iPhone, to exchange files via Wi-Fi or send print files from the iPhone.

The goal is therefore to allow quick and easy file exchange between devices with Wi-Fi when a wireless network is not available!

The new “Wi-Fi Direct” standard will, of course, be incorporated into new devices that will be released in 2010, but also in mobile devices already equipped with a Wi-Fi chip. Peer-to-peer connection will be possible do between two or more terminals and secure with WPA2.

Could it be the death of file exchange via bluetooth in mobile terminals?

We discuss it on the forum.