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Apple to donate jailbroken iPhones to security researchers

Apple to donate jailbroken iPhones to security researchers

iPhoneApple wants to consolidate the security of its iPhone and especially iOS. To fill ever more security holes, the apple will participate in the Black Hat conference which is mainly held by security researchers and hackers. And for their convenience, Apple will distribute iPhone jailbreaks.

IPhone jailbreak to discover more flaws

Apple will therefore ask the Black Hat participants to study the firmware of the iPhone, iOS 12 or iOS 13, this is not precise using jailbreak devices. Most of the accesses are open, history of having the necessary privileges in order to analyze most of the operating system without pain. We know that the iOS 12 jailbreak is available to the general public, while the iOS 13 jailbreak is only in demonstration.

For example, these special iPhones will stop the processor, analyze the RAM or even browse the entire file system. On the other hand, contrary to what Apple engineers can do, it will be impossible to decipher the source code, the latter obviously being compiled. But in any case, researchers and hackers will be able to see what happens at the code level in the event of attacks of this type.

In addition to trying to strengthen the security of the iPhone, this decision could also be a reaction to leaks from development devices, which are subsequently sold on the black market.

iOS iphone 8 plus s curit flaw mask mugshot

Apple to reward Mac flaw discovery

In addition, Apple is not forgetting MacOs and will announce a Mac reward program. If you find a security breach on Mac, you can then collect a large amount of money, as has been the case on iPhone since 2016. The maximum was $ 200,000.