Apple to develop foldable iPhone and iPad

Apple to develop foldable iPhone and iPad

A patent for flexible Apple devices resembling a phone and tablet has been approved by the United States Patent Office (USPTO).

Apple has patented a foldable device in January 2018. It has just been approved by the competent American authorities.

A patent does not guarantee an exit on the market. Nevertheless, the document clearly suggests thatApple is thought of designing a foldable phone. It shows a device able to fold in many ways with a screen protected under a flexible glass.

Image 1: Apple would develop a foldable iPhone and iPad

Only a few weeks ago, the Galaxy Fold from Samsung has caused some confusion in the mobile market. After a day of use, users have seen their screens crash or stop working completely. However, this failure does not seem to have cooled other manufacturers. Huawei recently released its foldable smartphone, the Mate X. For its part, Oppo has already presented a first prototype and Google is also working on its own technology.

A foldable iPhone in 2020?

Apple for its part seems to want to take its time to perfect its product. Patent described in details the different layers that will protect the device and allow it to be folded and unfolded repeatedly without damaging the display. According to the document, the firm would opt for protective glass / ceramic layers.

Image 2: Apple would develop a foldable iPhone and iPad

Some rumors indicate the release of a foldable iPhone in 2020. However, this patent confirms that Apple is still in the development stage. By then, Tim Cook’s company will certainly have time analyze the success of competitors’ foldable phones in order to better prepare for the launch of its own device.

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