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Apple to assemble its new Mac Pro in China

Apple to assemble its new Mac Pro in China

given the trade tensions between China and the United States, one would have thought that Apple would have its new Mac Pro manufactured elsewhere than in China, but Apple seems to have other projects.

For months, trade relations between the United States and China have been deteriorating. This is a worrying situation for Chinese and American companies working together, such as Apple.

Faced with pressure from President Trump, Apple had made several concessions and invested in jobs in the United States. Although rumor has it that the Californian firm could withdraw part of its production from China, Apple could still count on its Chinese partners to manufacture its new Mac Pro. In any case, this is what the Wall Street Journal reports, citing anonymous sources.

It is not only the fact that Apple decides to have its computers made in China that calls out, but rather that it transfers one of its productions to American soil for the benefit of China. Production of the Mac Pro was to take place in factories in Texas.

According to the American newspaper, Apple would have chosen the Taiwanese supplier Quanta Computer to assemble its devices in China, near Shangha.

Although the Mac Pro represent only a tiny fraction of Apple's productions, this decision should certainly go back to Donald Trump who is trying to force American companies to produce in the United States. One can imagine that the decision of Apple does not please the American President, this one should besides make it known.