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Apple thinks advertisements on Siri are not misleading

Apple thinks advertisements on Siri are not misleading

Many American consumers have filed a complaint against Apple over Siri, citing the false advertisements broadcast by the brand to sell its iPhone 4S. The Cupertino company recently responded to these accusations by pointing out their lack of precision and by confirming the honesty of the campaigns highlighting the brand's voice assistant …

Siri, Apple’s voice assistant, has already spilled a lot of ink. Between those who believe that Apple is a complete success and those who claim the opposite, highlighting the problems of recognition, including accents. Many people have already complained about this in California, presumably hoping to get a refund or even damages for false advertising.

The American glove does not seem really concerned about the opinion of these few users, however. The company has indeed declared They fail to allege the alleged misleading features of the advertisement, and how they intervened in their decision to purchase. For Apple, the advertising is absolutely not false and the company defends tooth and nail. The company adds that the Consumer Legal Remedies Act voqu does not apply to software and that if users were due for their trials with Siri, they could benefit from the brand's 30-day return policy.

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(Source: Apple Insider)