Apple: the Mac celebrates its 30th anniversary!

30 ans Mac - Apple : le Mac fête ses 30 ans !


Posted: January 24 2014
Updated: January 24, 2014

by Martin

To celebrate the launch of the first Macintosh 30 years ago today, Apple posted a tribute on its home page and also created a special section “Thirty Years of Mac“, Accompanied by a video called“Thirty years of innovation”Retracing the past and present of his famous desktop computer.

30 years Mac - Apple: the Mac celebrates 30 years!

The special 30 years section of the Apple website allows users to scroll through a visual chronology of Macintosh history, starting with the first Mac in 1984 until Mac Pro. Each page of this frieze is accompanied by photos and a passage on the impact of the Mac on a person or an entity, such as the role of the Macintosh II in the creation of the mathematics program by Theodore Gray.

To top it off, 9to5Mac reports that some Apple Stores today displayed a new window dedicated to this anniversary with pretty LED bulbs in the colors of the old Apple logo that were found on the brand’s computers.

Apple Store 30 years Mac - Apple: the Mac celebrates 30 years!

For the record, the first Apple Macintosh, later called Macintosh 128K, was launched on January 24, 1984 at a price of $ 2,495. It had a 9-inch monochrome screen and a resolution of 512 x 384 screen, a Motorola 68000 processor with 128K of memory, and a handle to make it easier to transport. It was also one of the first computers to adopt 3.5-inch floppy disks, which then dominated the removable storage media market in the late 1980s …