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Apple: the iPhone 8 (5.8 inch) in glass & the iPhone 7S in aluminum?

Matteo Gentile iphone 8 concept 10 1024x576 - Apple : l


Posted: February 15 2017
Updated: February 15, 2017

by Martin

As you have probably already read in recent weeks, Apple should release three iPhones in September 2017: a standard model of 4.7 inches (7S?), A second of 5.5 inches (7S Plus?) And a third of 5.8 inches (iPhone 8?). A new report posted online by Digitimes teaches us more about their conception.

Matteo Gentile iphone 8 concept 10 1024x576 - Apple: iPhone 8 (5.8 inch) glass & iPhone 7S aluminum?Several sources upstream of Apple?s supply chain say the 5.8-inch iPhone 8 should be a high-end phone with a glass-reinforced frame and a stainless steel metal frame, while the iPhone 4.7 inch 7S would continue to use an aluminum alloy chassis. The chassis design of the 5.5-inch model, meanwhile, has not yet been confirmed.

Always according to Digitimes, the stainless steel frame for the iPhone 8 ?Premium? will be supplied by Foxconn Technology and Jabil Circuit, while the aluminum alloy chassis will be manufactured by Catcher Technology. As a reminder, this 5.8 inch model should adopt an OLED panel, which would increase its base price to more than 1000 dollars (read: iPhone 8: price above 1000 dollars, all touchscreen and better battery?).