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Apple: the Chinese market is less and less interested in the iPhone


Posted: March 14 2019
Updated: March 13, 2019

by Steve

The dark period of the apple brand is still far from coming to an end. The Chinese market, which counts for almost “ 20% of Apple’s tax revenue “Is less and less interested iniPhone, according to Bloomberg. The site also explains that ” 62% of revenues fromApple comes from the iPhone ” And with the drop in sales at the end of 2018, Apple is right to be concerned about this Chinese market, which prefers to favor “local” products (Huawei, Xiaomi …) rather than American phones.

Apple China - Apple: The Chinese market is less and less interested in the iPhone

To compensate for this fall, the Cupertino company did not hesitate to offer exclusive discounts to Chinese consumers, through local resellers. But nothing helps: according to the research firm Longbow Research, through its analyst Shawn Harrison, iPhone-related research on Baidu, the “Chinese Google,” fell 47% in February alone.

And to affirm: ” Multiple iPhone price cuts have not stopped iPhone search trends in China from weakening further as supplier sales in February were catastrophic, down from last year and to january ” 37 of 42 Apple suppliers have published lower results than in February last year. How will Apple succeed in reversing the situation?