Apple tends to replace the battery

Apple tends to replace the battery

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The iPhone 5 battery replacement program, which was due to end on March 1, is eligible for an extension of several months.

Last summer, Apple implemented a battery replacement program for the iPhone 5. It applies to iPhone 5 sold between September 2012 and January 2013 who are affected by reduced battery life or who must be recharged more frequently. The kind of problem that ends up affecting everyone over time.

This program applies to iPhone 5s whose serial number belongs to " a limited range ". It was supposed to end on March 1, but the apple firm decided to grant it an extension.

iPhone 5 "height =" 250 "width =" 250 The page explaining what to do was updated yesterday and says: " The program covers the batteries of the affected iPhone 5s for the 3 years following the first retail sale of the product "It will therefore be understood that the replacement program is extended until January 2016.

Samsung presented this week its Galaxy S6 smartphone and made the choice like Apple with the iPhone (but also many others) of a non-removable battery, thus breaking its tradition with the previous Galaxy S. The extraction of the Galaxy S6 battery will therefore be reserved for an authorized dealer or repairer.