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Apple teaches you how to edit your slo-mo videos [Vido]

Apple continues to publish short tutorial videos to teach new iPhone owners how to use the latest iOS features. This time, we are talking about the slo-mo function, which allows you to make videos in slow motion.

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In his new video titled “How to edit a slo-mo video on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch”, Apple shows how to edit a slo-mo video. To do this, you must select your video in the library and click on Edit. From there, you have access to different editing options: adjust, filters, straighten, as well as sliders to cut the start and end of the video. Concretely, it is exactly the same thing with normal video (without Slo-mo).

Once you've made your changes, you just have to click Ok to save it. You will then have the choice between saving it by overwriting the original or as a new extract. It's as simple as that!