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Apple suppliers involved in forced labor on Uighurs in China

Factory Works Apple suppliers involved in forced labor on Uighurs in China

The coronavirus epidemic in China forces many Chinese to stay at home and do not show up in factories. By focusing on working conditions in Chinese factories, the Chinese regime has relocated thousands of Muslim Uighurs from western Xinjiang and forced them to work in those factories.

In addition to Nike, Dell, Volkswagen, Lacoste, BMW and other major American brands (83 in total), Apple is also linked to the story – especially two Apple suppliers, BOE and O-Film. This information comes from a report that was published in the British newspaper The Independant.

As a reminder, BOE manufactures LCD screens for Apple devices, currently MacBook and iPad. The manufacturer is preparing to supply OLED displays for Apple’s high-end iPhones in 2021, which will allow Apple to reduce its dependence on Samsung. As for O-Film, it produces various camera modules for the iPhone, including selfie cameras and some of the lenses for the rear camera of the iPhone 11 Pro.

However, Apple says it is unaware of this story. In a press release, the Californian said she has strict rules for suppliers and expects all workers to be treated with dignity and respect.

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