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Apple supplier Wistron to assemble iPhone 8 and circuit boards in India

  Wistron, one of Apple's suppliers, to assemble iPhone 8 and circuit boards in India

A new factory in Wistron, one of Apple’s suppliers, will start producing iPhone 8s and printed circuit boards in India. This factory is located in the south of India.

The local assembly of printed circuits by the Indian unit of Wistron will be a first for the manufacturer. However, the latter began manufacturing the iPhone SE in the south of Bangalore in 2017. Currently, he also assembles the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 7 for Indians there.

For information, printed circuits are the heart of the iPhone: they house processors, RAM, storage chip, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chips, etc. Once these chips are installed on them, they represent about half the value of the iPhone.

The new Wistron factory, about 65 km from Bangalore, would be operational in April and could produce up to 8 million smartphones per year. In addition, it will manufacture iPhone 7 and iPhone 8; some will be exported for sale outside India.

On the other hand, Wistron’s biggest rival, Foxconn, which started assembling iPhone XRs in India last year, is already assembling iPhone circuit boards in the country.

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