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Apple sues Swatch for plagiarism

Apple sues Swatch for plagiarism

swatch-watches ipa iphoneSince Apple became involved in the world of watchmaking, Apple's relationships with its new competitors have necessarily been cold or even icy with some.

It was already complicated with Swatch and that should not be settled with since the apple brand has decided to sue the Swiss company, claiming that the advertising campaign "Tick ​​Different"of the latter would be a plagiarism of his own advertisements from twenty years ago"Think different".

Apple attacks Swatch for plagiarism

Apple has seized the Federal Administrative Court (TAF) after having been dismissed by the Federal Institute of Intellectual Property beforehand.

According to the Swiss 20 Minutes, "however, it seems unlikely that Apple will succeed. To do this, the company must be able to prove that the Think Different slogan meets a degree of familiarity of more than 50% in Switzerland."Not sure that this is achievable and in addition, the firm should in particular"provide sales figures for its iMacs since 1999 in Switzerland."

The two companies have already clashed several times in recent years and we remember in particular the bickering of 2015, when the Swiss had one of the dirty phrases of Steves Jobs with "One more thing".

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