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Apple sues Corellium for iOS virtualization

Apple sues Corellium for iOS virtualization

iPhoneApple is not content to be attacked for patent issues, the iPhone company also monitors its interests. This is why she decided to take legal action against Corellium, a company which allows diOS virtualization from its servers in order to offer a diPhone or diPad simulator from a web page.

Apple wants to stop an illegal iOS replica

Corellium therefore reproduces iOS for its customers, just as it offers the virtualization of Android and Linux. Bloomberg, who reports the information, says Apple accuses Corellium of illegally replicating the iOS system and native apps while charging customers for access.

correlium virtualization ios apple

Obviously, Apple designs iOS itself from start to finish and is therefore the only owner. She can therefore decide to use it as she sees fit. Any person or company that copies the operating system without prior agreement or permission is illegal, as here Corellium.

In its complaint, Apple claims that Corellium has imitated iOS in every detail, from the code to the graphical interface to the iconography. She also clarified that behind the window of Correlium, which sells its product as a security research tool, customers rather use it to find faults and resell them on the black market. It should also be noted that part of the clientele is a developer and is used to simulate an old version of iOS, which is limited by Xcode to three major versions later.

Apple requests a ban on selling for Correlium, a complete removal of the code and other element in its possession, the payment of legal fees but also that it informs all its customers that Correlium violates the intellectual property of Apple. The complaint was filed in the southern district of Florida.